This is soothing?

I tried to practice knitting. Truly, I did.

I’m just plain bad at it.

I realize that it’s practice, and I just have to keep trying. But I’m discouraged with it.

I’m still having trouble casting on, and have shed many a tear and yelled at many a piece of yarn. Any idiot can cast on — except me. Once I get the first row done, I’m okay — not brilliant, but okay. But casting on –and binding off — are difficult.

I undid the garter stitch bit of scarf and started knitting stockinette squares. An acquaintance has a lovely throw made out of square in stockinette stitch, and I thought that would be useful as well as pretty. And I have enough scarves.

It’s frustrating. I got three squares done — they’re okay, but not great. Then my mom, who’s a knitter extraordinaire, got excited about it and started knitting squares herself.

And I went back to the yellow cotton blanket I started to crochet.

That, however, is coming along beautifully. In the next few days, I’ll photograph it and post it. I was going to do most of it single crochet with some double and half-double rows for pattern, but it looks better in the simple single crochet, so I took out the more openwork stitches, and I’m doing the entire thing in single crochet. It’s good practice — I’m surprised I can keep the stitches so even — and, most importantly, it’s soothing.

So — the knitting is NOT going well, but the crocheting is going well. Once I feel like I have a bit more equilibrium, I’m going to go back to knitting. A pair of pointy sticks and some yarn are NOT going to intimidate me! 😉

Well, not for long, anyway!


  1. houseof9lives said,

    May 24, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    You REALLY need to try the crochet cast-on. It’s all I use now!!

    These are pretty good instructions:

    Give it a try – it really cuts down on the angst!!

    Take Care!!

  2. Anita said,

    May 31, 2007 at 8:47 am

    I had the cast on problem at first. I got so frustrated because I kept doing it wrong. I ended up having to search for tutorial videos online to really get it. Have you tried that yet?

    I’m so envious of your crochet ability. I still can’t figure it out, even with the online videos!

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