More Yarn, More Projects

I went to the store today to buy more yarn. Supposedly, it was to get additional yarn to finish the knitted squares for the blanket — the project that was supposed to get me back into knitting, but my mom got all enthusiastic about it, so now she’s doing it!

I wasn’t thrilled with the color choices in the same weight, but I found a nice green that will go well with the textured blue and the two shades of rose. I’d like to find one more color, and have it a five-color, but I won’t rush it.

I also picked up a lovely shimmery pale blue. I’m going to sketch a simple, long-sleeved V-neck sweater that I’d like in it, and that can be my mom’s next project!

I’d hoped to find a nice blue and white cotton I’d seen a few weeks ago –but of course it sold through. CROCHET WORLD had an interesting dress pattern I wanted to try. I’ll keep my eyes open and see if I can come across it.

I fell in love with a teal suede yarn — I’d love to do a simple crocheted jacket and skirt. The store didn’t have enough, so I might have to order the quantity online.

What’s your favorite online yarn store? I looked at several and haven’t yet made a decision. My friends who knit for Broadway and film swear by a company here in New York called School Products. Of course, they’re not carrying the teal suede right now — although I may order some cashmere from them!

As for my own work, I’m still crocheting away on the yellow cotton blanket. It’s nearly halfway done now, nice, even stitches.

I’m going to stick to crochet for the moment. Crochet relaxes me, while knitting still stresses me out. And with the additional stresses I have in my life right now, I want to use the crochet time as relaxation time.

I’ll go back to knitting when I have more breathing room in other areas of my life.

What are your summer projects?


Never Fear, I’m Still Crocheting!

In spite of not posting for a bit, I’m still working away on that yellow cotton blanket — with plenty of help from the cats! I catch a few minutes here and there between racing around on other projects, and, slowly but surely it’s growing.

The knitting’s going less than well. My mom got all excited about the blanket squares I worked on, and now she’s taken over! So I guess I’ll have to find another project on which to learn.

I don’t mind — how can I when she enjoys it so much? But I won’t learn unless I do it myself, right?

I’m reading a lovely book based in a knitting shop — A GOOD YARN by Debbie Macomber. I enjoy it, and it’s inspiring me to give the old knit thing another try.

Only thing is, I’m having an awfully good time with this blanket, and then there are some very pretty projects in CROCHET TODAY that I’d like to try.

I’m sure all of you experience the same thing — so many projects, so little time!

This month is particularly busy — I covered the Triple Crown in horse racing — and I was thrilled that the filly Rags to Riches won. She had the pedigree (Secretariat’s her great-grandfather and AP Indy is her sire) and she was the best horse on that day. I’m also going to cover the NHL draft for the fifth year in a row, and I’m doing the prep work to cover the America’s Cup Challenge — which means I have to learn all about sailing.

To keep up, check out my blog on the writing life, Ink in My Coffee, and the articles over at the sports publication FemmeFan.

And I’ll just keep crocheting!