Finally! A new post and a project . . .

I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly.

Not only that, I’ve been neglecting my fiber craft work. Sigh.

In fact, during the preparation for the new windows getting put in, most of my yarn, etc., went into the storage unit I rented. And you know what? I really hated not having it in the apartment, even if I wasn’t using it. So I’m in the process of bringing it back.

I started a Cute Crocheting Project in lovely autumnal colors a few months back, when it looked like I would actually finish it in time for the colors to be relevant. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked. And then both yarn and instructions got sent to storage. Now, the yarn’s back, but the instructions . . .haven’t found them yet. Which is very frustrating, because I have the urge to crochet once again (hello, it’ll be hot soon and I want to work with yarn. Yeah, makes sense).

So, today, when I was at the store gathering some fronds to create a wreath for the front door so I can then hang my bagua mirror in the center because whatever they treated the new doors with won’t hold adhesive and said bagua keeps flying across the building — don’t ask, trust me, you’ll need serious cocktails by the first five sentences —

ANYWAY . . .I saw Bamboo yarn. In a lovely, soft, gray-green-silver that reminds me of artemesia leaves. So I bought three skeins of it, and I’ve already nearly crocheted up one of it.

I SHOULD be writing, I’m on DEADLINE, but we won’t go there . . .

It’s so lovely and soft to work with, and I’m delighted. The plan is to make a small blanket, lapquilt or travel-sized. Since the airlines have decided their obscene prices mean they don’t have to provide any customer service at all, and they can merely screw their clients even deeper, I’m making a travel blanket. The bamboo is lightweight, will travel well, and can fold up very small in the carry-on, and, at the same time, will provide both a physical warmth and the same kind of psychological warmth a toddler’s blankey provides.

So, yes, I’m crocheting my very own “blankey”.

And I’ll try to be more diligent about posting here. Because then I’ll do more — after all, I’ll need something to write about!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!